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Artist Profile: Eric Jordan

Award-winning motion artist and sound designer who built one the most influential websites in history enters the NFT world.

The historical significance of Eric Jordan and his design work are well deserved and well documented. Accolades include:

  • FWA’s Most Influential Flash Site of the Decade

  • Web Design Museum inductee

  • Cover feature on the bestselling book, Web Design. The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-Today

  • Founder of 2Advanced Studios

  • FWA ‘Hall of Fame’ inductee

Now, Eric is bringing his talent and experience to the NFT world, minting his first collection on Incorporating human emotion and psychology with technical expertise, the artist's works are at once ethereal and relatable.

His Transmutations Collection is a seven-piece series of graphical and animated artworks exploring the metaphysics of consciousness through an artistic reinterpretation of the universal ancient alchemical and hermetic teachings of self-mastery, reimagined through a neo-futurist lens for the modern era.

Each of the seven works of the collection contains an individual part of a journey which will touch upon the different stages of transmutation - the transformation of base levels of consciousness into higher ones - within the context of a vast futuristic realm that is rich in the technology of symbolism.

The first chapter, “Prima Materia,” is Eric Jordan’s genesis NFT work. The journey begins by exploring the elusive substance of the psyche within us that carries the projections of the unconscious, but must be found before the opus of personal transformation can be undertaken. It represents the opening stage of a great process of transmutation and transcendence - but allowing for interpretation from many different esoteric and philosophical perspectives.

The piece will be offered as an augmented print collection, which unlocks 30 seconds of animation and sound design. The paired NFT will preserve the work online, forever.

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